We started this company only in 2015, so we’re still a baby. But, although young we know exactly what we want and that didn’t change a bit so far. And that was to be authentic, to give real experiences to all the people that visit us. We are just locals who love the place where we grew up, with all its flaws. And we want to share that passion with others, no matter if its in a sup board, on a winery or in a hike, showing our region how it is. If you happen to be around, give us a call.

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In a perfect world he would spend his entire life on the outdoors. Paddling, cycling or hiking, any excuse works, as long as it is in contact with nature. Love to travel and to learn with other cultures. Also a photo and video enthusiast, so if you catch him on a tour you might as well end up with some good shots of your adventure.

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He has been paddling the Douro from very young age, either as a canoeing athlete or a nature tourism lover. Also, he’s life has been built around several other outdoor activities and sports. As a tourism technician he knows how to be a good host and provide a great experience.

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Profession: web developer. Addiction: water, everything you can do on water! Stand up paddle, kayaking, jet ski, boat, etc etc. So for him it’s hard to see this as a job. Always in good mood and ready to help. He might also be the one that respond to all you emails and messages.