Hike and Paddle


A entire day of fun, always in contact with nature. We’ll start the day with a hike in the famous Paiva walkways, which are located in the “middle of nowhere”. Nature at it’s best, so don’t forget your camera. And you can also cool off in the clear waters of the Paiva river, in the halfway point there’s a small river beach that you can use to go for a swim.
We’ll sit on the table for typical lunch and after that we’ll continue the day in the Paiva river, but this time on the water with our stand up paddle boards. Exploring the other part of the river, where it joins the Douro.

From 75Eur/pax

Package include
Pick-up & Drop-off, hike, lunch, stand up paddle

What a day, we hiked in the morning, it was an amazing tour. We received a splendid lunch in a fantastic area. In the afternoon the kids have done stand-up paddling and we have done wine tasting and spend the time over there are three swimming pool. In the evening we were invited for dinner. Great experience. Surely worth trying.

Leen Siddre (Belgium)

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