River Trekking it’s not really a hike and it’s not really just going for a swim, it’s a combination of both. On this tour we explore a piece of the river where boats cannot access, where you can appreciate nature at it’s best but also ruins from old water mills, and the way our ancestors controlled the water to put them running. On this river trekking tour there are parts we have to swim, some we have to walk, and others we just let ourselves go in the current. In the end what matters is that we spend a wonderful time in the water.

all equipment – water

pick-up & drop-off

”A wonderful day, everything extraordinary. the landscapes, the smells and even the flavors (we catched some figs during the tour). The fun Enjoy Douro provide us was just amazing. Thank for the fantastic day, i will come back!“

Carina Pinto (Portugal)

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