River Trekking + SUP


It’s not really a hike, it’s not really going just for a swim. It’s a combination of both, and in the end what matters is that you spend a wonderful time in contact with wild nature, exploring a beautiful river where boats can’t go. In the last rapids, we take the wetsuit out and we jump into our stand up paddle boards to explore the Paiva river until the point it joins the Douro. It’s 3,5h of total fun, that’s for sure.

From 45Eur/pax

Package include
3h stand up paddle – all equipment – water
pick-up & drop-off

A wonderful day, everything extraordinary. the landscapes, the smells and even the flavors (we catched some figs during the tour). The fun Enjoy Douro provide us was just amazing. Thank for the fantastic day, i will come back!
Carina Pinto (Portugal)

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